Google Scholarships for 1.3 Lakhs


New Delhi: Popular Search engine Google to make Indian youth in a manner that allows changing technology
Pushed. Scholarships with Technology Learning Platform Fluorescent and Education Institution Uudacity
The program was intimated. Through this, 30 lakh Indian youth will be trained. These scholarships
Under the program, the PluralSite technology platform has been designed by a hundred thousand people,
To provide. Through these, the youth of the country is pursuing high-tech education and mobile and web development
Employees can get. Google aims to create a scrollship program aimed at preparing 20 lakh deltopers.
India is the second largest punishment center in the world, while the United States will cross the 2021
Google spokeswoman William Florence said. In the next three years, Google is looking for new developers in the country for more than 20 lakh
CEO Sunder Picha announced in 2015 that training will be done. This includes scholarships
Google is carrying out the program.


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