Growing steady on digital payments

Hyderabad, Nov 26: Visa, the world’s leading digital payments, has announced independent results here on Saturday. This survey was conducted with Yugav. This survey was conducted to understand the sentiments of consumers on digital payments in India. The majority of consumers indicate the trend of adoption, approval, and adoption of burden on new types of DigiTl payments.

Due to the fact that 86 per cent of the survey said the DigiTel payments are easy to switch to. 70 percent of those using less cash now compared to the past, suggesting the last convenience, efficiency and speed of digital payments to use less cash.

But 41 per cent of the traders are still saying that only cash is accepted. 52 per cent of the respondents felt that their policies were a major obstacle to the DigiTel payments. However, the highest percentage of Yogas (86 per cent) is better than the comfort of the facility, Visa Group Country Manager (India, South Asia) TR Ramachandran said. He also said that the visa will provide uninterrupted security of digital payment solutions.


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